High Pressure Laminates


More innovative, more natural raw materials.
FENIX®  HPL is enriched with Bloom, a new core technology.


Max on Top® high pressure laminates (HPL) according to ON EN 438 Type HGS, excel through high abrasion resistance and impact strength, high scratch resistance, heat resistance and resistance to common house-hold chemicals. The advantage of high pressure laminates is that a specifier or manufacturer requiring a durable decorative surface is afforded a product that is:


Uniform in colour and décor
Suited to High Traffic and High Impact applications
Easy to fabricate and install


Included in our Max on Top® range of high pressure laminates are a number of exciting decorative metal laminates suitable for vertical surface applications.

Tactile Aesthetic

Discover HPL’s Premium Finishes


With years of experience in creating the perfect combination between decor, colour, design and texture. Thanks to continuous innovation,  HPL’s finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of high pressure laminates.


Colour Range

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Solid Colours





Colour Core



Laminate is a thin, decorative surface layer that is usually glued on to a particle board base to create a countertop.  It comes in endless choices of colours and patterns, from solids to simulated woods or granite.