The perfect balance of contrasting elements, both visually and tactilely.

Among Arpa’s latest innovations, Tuet is the first Deep Surface. By immersing oneself in the undulating waves of this unique design, light transforms each furnishing scene, creating an evocative composition characterized by interplay between dark and light shadows, which changes beautifully throughout the day. The wood grains add to the sensory experience, combining a soft touch with a pleasing wavy sensation.

The waves of Tuet can be arranged in various directions, offering different ambiances of movement. This versatility makes it suitable for any space, from bathrooms to kitchens to living rooms.  Here are some inspiring applications:

Tuet not only enhances the overall visual contrast but also adds depth to the room. The strategic use of the dark Brera Red surface, complemented by a sleek Rora finish, in conjunction with the textured Tuet Caravella Light, further creates an intriguing contrast within the kitchen, captivating the attention of anyone who enters.

In another example, the integration of Tuet’s deep textured surface adds depth and personality to a bathroom vanity project. The captivating and rhythmic pattern beautifully contrasts against the vibrant green surface, creating an intriguing visual effect. Tuet, resembling reeds, contributes to the overall movement and balance of the space, establishing a harmonious and textured dance that exudes a serene atmosphere.


Contact South African distributor, MAX ON TOP®.   Max On Top is committed to providing exceptional service and catering to the needs of local designers and architects. From worktops to doors, furniture to lift interiors, MAX ON TOP® offers a wide range of decorative surfaces for both residential and commercial purposes.

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