FENIX® – A Sense of Calm

FENIX® – A Sense of Calm

Fenix ntm surfaces  Fenix ntm surfaces

FENIX® is an innovative interior design product, brought to SA by MAX ON TOP®. FENIX® combines elegant aesthetic solutions with state-of-the-art technological performance.

FENIX® surfaces make contemporary interior design stand out against its traditional counterpart and appeal to those looking to modernise their interior space, whilst still maintaining a tranquil atmosphere in the home.  FENIX® offers a technical and aesthetic solution to two important interior design trends: smart materials and matte surfaces.

FENIX® – An Ultra Matte surface

FENIX® brings all the benefits of a smart material into your interior space. The surface of FENIX® is uneven, which causes light to be diffused rather than reflected, making FENIX® extremely opaque. FENIX® also has low light reflectivity, which is ideal for creating a serene and stress-free environment without glare. Combine this with the timeless range of colours that FENIX® offers and you have a surface material that caters both to your aesthetic and functional home needs.

The ultra-matte finish of FENIX® is luxuriously soft to the touch with proprietary technology that allows for an anti-fingerprint surface, enabling the surface to maintain its clean finish whilst still being therapeutically soft to the touch.

FENIX® – An Empowered Smart Surface

FENIX® is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also a high-tech material that is made functional by its unique characteristics. Among its list of features are low light reflectivity, soft touch and thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches.  Although FENIX® is heat-resistant, heat can be used to repair the surface should superficial micro-scratches occur. This feature also makes FENIX® a more hygienic option since it reduces the bacterial load. With FENIX® you may rest assured that your surfaces are clean.

FENIX® is created by undergoing a series of processes, including multi-layer coating and the use of nanoparticles and acrylic resins that are hardened and cured using an innovative electron beam. 

FENIX® surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of vertical and horizontal applications and comes in a range of refined colours across three lines, ranging from soft pastels and calm neutrals to brilliant metals. With all of these options, one cannot help but to consider the addition of these innovative surfaces to one’s interiors…


South African Distributor, MAX ON TOP®, facilitates and services the needs of local designers and architects, offering them a wide range of applications. Applications include, but are not limited to worktops, doors, furniture, point of sale, lift interiors, ceilings, and exterior facades.

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Fenix ntm surfaces  Fenix ntm surfaces

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