Max On Top’s High Pressure Laminates – Pure Tactile Emotions

Max On Top’s High Pressure Laminates – Pure Tactile Emotions

Max On Top’s High-Pressure Laminates, designed by Arpa Industrial, have all the style and quality of a ‘made-in Italy’ product.  In the interior design industry, Max On Top’s High-Pressure Laminates or HPL’s are considered to be the most efficient, durable, and cost-effective materials that give customers endless design choices in terms of textures, colours, and finishes.

Max On Top’s High-Pressure Laminate gives property owners, architects, and designers complete flexibility to achieve their design inspirations.   These surfaces come in a wide array of designs and textures, some of which give the exact appearance and sheen of the real material, like stone, without the cost and labour. 

Variety of
colours and textures.

HPL is available in a diverse selection of colours and textures. This makes it easy to plan an interior according to your preferred colour scheme and style. Finding the right colour and finish for a home or business is easy thanks to a wide variety of options ranging from stone textures to wood grains, with various styles in between. Whether you are adding a decorative panel or designing a completely new area, this makes for endless possibilities.

Some of the most popular High-Pressure Laminate finishes offered by Max On Top are :

Alevè: The Alevè finish is designed to emphasize the beauty and tactile quality of the wood decors in the Arpa HPL collection. The natural feeling of the texture is inspired by the ancient forest of Alevè, in Piedmont, Italy.

Mika: An innovative finish that invokes
the natural appearance of quartz with small “shiny droplets” that are stimulated by light.

 Kér:  Interpreted through 12 exclusive décor styles and inspired by the elegance and abstract patterns of marble.

 Losa: A tribute to the texture of slate stone thanks to its three-dimensional surface effect. The Losa finish comes in a wide selection of custom-made decors.

 Versatile and Durable

 Max On Top’s High-Pressure Laminate surfaces are extremely functional and can be used for horizontal or vertical applications. Due to their durability, aesthetics, and safety standards, these materials are not just used for interior design and furniture in homes, but also in commercial applications.

More Information?

Max on Top® is a leading surface solutions provider to the architectural and interior design industry in SA. They offer a wide range of laminates with superior performance and aesthetics. 

The highest levels of professionalism and dedication are the foundation of Max on Top’s success as a decorative surface leader.   If you have any questions or requirements, simply call 0861 113 495 or  email

Arpa - High Pressure Laminate  Arpa - High Pressure Laminate  Arpa - High Pressure Laminate
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