The Versatility of FENIX®

The Versatility of FENIX®

Italy has been at the vanguard of design for well over a century. When we think of Italy, we think — timelessness, sophistication and quality. This is no exception when it comes to FENIX® surfaces.

FENIX®, the innovative materials from Italian company, Arpa Industriale and brough to SA by Max On Top, has revolutionised the world of interior design. These surfaces are not only beautiful to look at but, most importantly a high-tech material, made unique by its characteristics. Low light reflectivity makes FENIX® surfaces extremely opaque, soft to the touch and anti-fingerprint. FENIX® materials are thermally healing surfaces (superficial micro-scratches). They are also suitable for contact with food.

FENIX® surfaces are suitable for a wide variety of vertical and horizontal applications and comes in a range of refined colours across three lines – ranging from soft pastels, rich neutrals and even metals. The collection is also available in up to 4200mm x 1600mm sheets and in 12.0mm thicknesses, making it even more adaptable. These features allow the product to easily combine with other materials — wood, glass, metal, stone and more.

FENIX® can further be used for a host of applications that require its unique technical and visual precision.

Fenix NTM surfaces The Debut Collection by Balada & Co

Credits:  The Debut Collection by Balada 


FENIX® in a rich black Negro Ingo was used as a boiserie and with its low light reflectivity gave a luxurious ambiance to the “Debut Collection” by Balada & Co.  A series of iconic lamps featuring a four-legged structure, giving it a silhouette with a truly unique design.

The qualities of a material as innovative and versatile as FENIX®, can be summarised in three main categories: aesthetics, durability and tangibility. Making FENIX®, the perfect material for these chair pieces that required stylistic continuity in terms of lines and surface.

What’s more, it is anti-fingerprint and does not discolour over time.

       Fenix ntm surfaces

Fenix ntm surfacesThe style and the aesthetics of FENIX® are something to be noticed and appreciated in this one-of-a-kind workspace @ Verde Comodoro and Bianco Kos.

FENIX® offers an opaque appearance, continual flowing lines, and neutral colours to this work surface creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

From countertops to cabinetry to furniture, FENIX® brings almost a decade’s worth of design, performance and craftmanship to any project. This unique product has opened new avenues in the field of interior design.

Max On Top® is a leading surface solutions provider to the architectural and interior design industry in South Africa. They offer the highest levels of professionalism. Dedication is the foundation of Max on Top’s success as a decorative surface leader. For more information visit


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