Trespa® Meteon® Cladding Panels

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Trespa® Meteon® Cladding Panels

As a premium exterior wall cladding material, Trespa® Meteon® high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and durability. Trespa® Meteon® cladding panels are a favorite among designers and architects as it brings compelling aesthetic and nearly limitless design possibilities with various colours to next- generation architectural cladding.


Trespa® Meteon® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with an integral surface manufactured using Trespa’s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC). The blend of up to 70% natural fibres and thermosetting resins, manufactured under high pressures and temperatures yields a highly stable, dense panel with good strength-to-weight ratio.



Trespa® Meteon® exterior compact range is an ideal product for building revamps and face-lifts as there is very little structural change required to the building as a result of the advanced fixing systems available, thereby providing the architect with exquisite façade options without the hassle of rigorous building and construction hassles.



Cladding panels with endless possibilities
Trespa® Meteon® is a versatile cladding for innovative and functional ventilated façade systems, balconies, and sunblind solutions. Trespa® Meteon® panels can be used on their own or in combination with other materials. They are perfect to create one-of-a-kind effects, to determine the look and to underline the qualities of a building.
Available in a broad range of colours, finishes, sizes and thicknesses, Trespa® Meteon® brings compelling aesthetic and nearly limitless design possibilities to next-generation architectural claddings. The whole product range comes with a 10-year conditional Product Guarantee.

Weather Resistance and Colour Stability
Trespa® Meteon® cladding panels performs exceptionally well outdoors and stays looking great for many years. Sun and rain will have no significant effect on the panel’s surface.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean
The closed surface of Trespa® Meteon® practically withstands dirt accumulation, keeping the product smooth and easy to clean.
Solid and Sturdy
Trespa® Meteon® cladding panels are highly scratch and impact resistant. The panels are consistent, high-density throughout, easily machinable and workable like hardwood.

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