The Power of Avonite®


The Power of Avonite®

Max on Top® are the proud distributors of Avonite® Solid Surfacing in Southern Africa. A pioneer in solid surfacing, Avonite Surfaces® was the first to introduce a vibrant spectrum of colors at a time when the industry consisted of only pale neutrals. For more than 25 years, Avonite® Solid Surfacing has been inspired by and committed to Designers and Fabricators, having a passion for original ideas and taking them beyond the ordinary.

Avonite – Polaris 8256 – The Platonic Lounge Chair – Francis Assadi Design Studio

Avonite – Polaris 8256 – Reception counter – tourist information center Freiberg – Rosskopf & Partner

Avonite® has been perfected by decades of technology. It is an industry-leader of solid surface products, offering creative design solutions and true recycled choices. The impenetrable surface of Avonite® is tough and ideal for numerous institutional and commercial applications, where both functionality and style need to last. It is ideal for residential, retail and healthcare organisations.

Avonite Kitchen

Avonite – Azul 8284 – Corporate kitchen island, countertops and wall side frames – Heitler Houstoun Architects.

Avonite® is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers a long-lasting surface, which withstands considerable wear and tear in high-traffic areas. It brings value to its owners year after year, due to being easy to repair and maintain. Avonite® is not bound by straight lines or flat surfaces and it can exist in virtually any shape or form. It comes in an array of dazzling colours, patterns and designs and can be applied to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The sheets are pure acrylic and can be thermoformed into many shapes. They can be applied in straight or curved lines, and certain colours can even be backlit for a beautiful visual effect. Let Avonite® shape your bold dreams into reality.

Avonite – Calacatta Stone 1800 – Counter in a modern coffee shop

Avonite – Boardwalk 7921 – Makeup counters and displays – John Lewis Perfumery

Avonite – Honey Onyx – Backlit bar top



  • More than 80 designs to choose from. From whites and beiges to bold colours, from solid to large chip-filled, from monochromatic to multi-coloured, from opaque to translucent, to cement looking options to marble looking designs – the only limit is your imagination.
  • Durable/Renewable Avonite® solid surface is highly chemical resistant – able to withstand rigorous cleaning and sanitizing without surface alteration or damage and is easily renewed by buffing or sanding.
  • A surfacing material that looks like stone, textured or glass materials, but cuts like wood.
  • A material which pattern goes all the way through its thickness, and which allows for 3-dimensional shaping and gives it its renewability.
  • Repairability is also possible; scratches, stains, burns and even cracks can be repaired.
  • Hygienic/Bacteriostatic, the non-porous nature of Avonite® surfaces inhibits the growth of bacteria and other micro-organisms.
  • In addition, solid surface is seamless. Solid surface sheets are seamed together, versus grouted or welded. When properly finished, the seams become inconspicuous so that there can be no build-up of any kind in the seam.
  • Seamless capabilities allow for complete integrated sinks for kitchens and bathrooms.

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