Night and Day ~ Matte is shining bright

FENIX®, a unique sensory surface for modern spaces

Night and Day ~ Matte is shining bright

The move from gloss to matte surfaces is now being seen all over the world from retail to the hospitality sector and domestic installations. Subtle and understated, matt is a beautiful finish choice for all areas from kitchens to retail spaces and can work well uniformly across the room or accentuate statement pieces with different finishes. 

Max on Top is a proud stockist of Italian made FENIX® – a super matte surface, with a low lustre finish. It is smooth and soft to the touch making it an irresistible surface choice for modern interiors.

A surface material like no other.

FENIX® adds an unexpected avant-garde element to everyday spaces and the low light reflectivity and opaque style is fast becoming synonymous with class for upper tier interiors.

FENIX® possesses a range of 6 unique attributes:

  • low light reflectivity, extremely matte surface;
  • anti-fingerprint;
  • thermal healing of micro-scratches;
  • soft to the touch;
  • resistance to scratches and abrasions;
  • enhanced anti-bacterial properties.

This makes this surface very intriguing in terms of lighting and ambiance as most of the light is absorbed and not reflected. Low light reflectivity holds benefits for both day and night décor surface design.

Entertainment area surfaces finished in FENIX® appears luxurious, velvety smooth and futuristic whilst day-and workarea-surfaces has a distinctly hygienic and minimalist appeal. Interior decorators consider them “modern” and chic, individual and fresh.

Contact Max on Top for more information on FENIX®.

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