Hygienic Surfaces


Hygienic Surfaces

Max on Top is constantly striving to evolve with changing times to offer a range of modern and unique surfaces that answers today’s most demanding applications, especially where hygiene, safety and the avoidance of contamination is crucial.

Although all of Max on Top’s products are considered hygienic and easy to clean, have a read about 3 of our products commonly used in the most demanding hygienic applications, TRESPA Toplab, FENIX and AVONITE. Each with its own set of benefits and unique features.



Trespa® International is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials. Thanks to 60 years of global experience and product innovation, Trespa® is recognised internationally as a premier developer of high-quality panels for scientific surface solutions, Trespa® Toplab®.

Trespa® Toplab® is the preferred choice in durable and sustainable scientific environments.

Today’s laboratory and functional environments demand compliance with rigorous codes and standards. Therefore, selecting the right material is of crucial importance. Whatever decor from the Trespa® TopLab® line you choose, this high-pressure compact laminate, manufactured with natural fibres and thermosetting resins, will extend the lifetime of your laboratory worktops and shelving noticeably. The unique properties of Trespa® TopLab® panels make them highly durable. That is why Trespa® offers a 10-year conditional warranty on its product lines. To learn more about our warranty, please visit Trespa.info.

Trespa® products for scientific surface solutions are tested and certified according to international standards in relation to chemical resistance, low emission, food contact and other properties. TopLab®PLUS, TopLab®VERTICAL and TopLab®BASE are certified under the GREENGUARD Gold Certification program. Trespa® International B.V. is a member of SEFA (Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association), EGNATON (European Association for Sustainable Laboratory Technologies) and VIP3000 (Association for Cleanrooms and Pharmaceutical Construction).

Using renewable resources

Trespa® TopLab® is available with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™) or Forestry Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) certification upon request for restricted quantities and jurisdictions. The use of FSC™ and PEFC™ certified Trespa® panels may also contribute to points associated with green building certification systems like LEED, BREEAM and DGNB. These certifications are one of the initiatives resulting from Trespa’s Sustainability Policy, by which Trespa® shows its commitment to the use of raw materials from sustainable origin and to forest preservation.



High performance nanotech materials for interior design.

FENIX®, the next generation of smart materials created by Arpa Industriale in 2013. For a range of horisontal and vertical interior applications, including kitchens, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, bathrooms and furniture. FENIX® is not only beautiful to look at, it is a high-tech material that is made unique by its characteristics including – thermally repairable superficial micro scratches and abrasions, anti-fingerprint, soft to touch, hygienic, durable, hydro-repellent.

FENIX® is created by undergoing a series of processes including multi-layer coating, use of nanoparticles and acrylic resins that are hardened and cured using an innovative Electron Beam process. When viewed under a microscope, you can see that the surface of FENIX® is uneven, a landscape of peaks and troughs. Rather than being reflected the light is diffused making FENIX® highly matt. Its non-porous, high performance surface allows dust, bacteria and water to simply wipe away with normal cleaning, making FENIX® hygienic and mould resistant.


Visit the FENIX® website for cleaning and maintenance information and videos > www.fenixforinteriors.com/en/maintenance. It will show you that you will be able to remove just about any dirt marks or stains. So that you are better informed; the acrylic nano-particles and the electron-beam curing process completely closes the surface of Fenix NTM. The nano-particles are smaller than bacteria and as such bacteria or anything bigger than that (atomically speaking) lies on top of the surface and thus is easily cleaned.

FENIX® has a high heat-resistance with heat actually being used to repair the surface should superficial micro-scratches occur. This is due to the dense grid of peaks scattered on the surface which have their own memory and are reactivated with the presence of heat, restoring the surface to its original appearance.



Inspired beyond nature and perfected by decades of technology, Avonite Surfaces® leads the industry with innovative solid surface products, true recycled choices and creative design solutions.

With its tough, impenetrable surface, Avonite Surfaces® is ideal for residential, retail, healthcare, institutional and commercial applications where style and functionality need to last.

With the beauty of Avonite Surfaces® comes the long-lasting aspects of solid surface – a surface that withstands wear and tear in high-traffic areas. Easy to maintain and repair, Avonite Surfaces® is the choice that brings value to owners year after year.
Avonite Surfaces®, a brand of Aristech Surfaces, products provide high end aesthetic surfacing solutions for all architectural and design applications with the industry’s broadest line of colours, patterns and designs.


The Avonite Surfaces® Acrylic Solid Surface portfolio includes a variety of designs and colours to fit every project. It can be used in vertical or horisontal applications, can be applied in straight or curved lines, and is thermoformable into a myriad of shapes.

• RENEWABLE (Can be repaired easily)
• DURABLE (Resists common household stains and cleans easily)
• EVENTEMP (Warm and comfortable to the touch)
• CONSISTENCY (Design and colour delivered with dependable consistency)
• HYGIENIC (Does not support microbial growth)

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